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Preserving the environment is high on the list of priorities for our group, while flexibility and active investment into the community represents one of the fundamental principles guiding us in our operations.

We believe that through our responsible operations we can initiate many positive changes that will result in a legacy of a healthier society and a cleaner planet. By investing in the education of our employees, in the most modern technology, and through promoting the sustainable utilisation of resources in everyday activities, we are contributing to the long-term preservation of the environment and propagating the awareness of the importance of caring for a better tomorrow.

Ecologically, natural gas is the most acceptable of fossil fuels since its main component, methane, burns almost completely without creating ash. Natural gas has a lower emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) in comparison with oil and coal, and its use reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.

We care about the environment

In order to prevent possible methane leaks into the environment and the creation of greenhouse gasses, we implement very strict rules for the control and handling of gas installations and gas pipelines and thus prevent the escape of methane into the atmosphere.

Consumers can also contribute to the preservation of the environment by adhering to safety measures and advice when handling natural gas, and this primarily relates to the smell coming from the appliance or the meter box. In case you notice an unpleasant smell of gas, which is actually an odorant added to the natural gas (the smell of rotten eggs), please notify our urgent response service immediately.

Nowadays the exploitation of natural gas has seen numerous technological advances. Advanced technologies like satellite images, GPS, 3D and 4D seismic technologies have greatly facilitated finding new gas fields, thus reducing the negative impact on the environment. The new technology has also reduced the area of the site required for bore holes, while a much greater quantity of natural gas can now be extracted from any single site.

Since we are dealing with an energy source that is explosive, strict rules and industrial standards have been introduced in order to ensure the safe transport, storage, distribution and utilisation of natural gas. With respect to the use of natural gas, this is why you can relax and enjoy the comfort it provides and save money in comparison with other sources of energy, while at the same time being sure that by choosing natural gas as a fossil energy source you are contributing to the preservation of the environment and the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

We invest in the future

We believe that by working together we can make our surroundings a better place where exceptional young people receive education regardless of their material status, where the gifted create, and the vulnerable and needy receive the help and attention they require in order to integrate into society.

The seat of the Novo sutra Foundation is in Vukovar, and it was founded by Mr. Pavao Vujnovac, the owner of ENNA Group and the PPD Group.


Croatia without obstacles caused by the surroundings, circumstances or the times in which we live. The Foundation will provide exceptional individuals, organisations and projects with the opportunity of realizing their full potential.


The Novo sutra Foundation is devoted to removing obstacles that our society is currently placing before individuals and organisations. Our joint efforts are aimed at promoting excellence, good deeds and helping those in need by improving life in the surroundings we operate in.

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