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Our users satisfaction is very important to us, so we are constantly trying to improve our business activities. To make this even more successful, we are building stable and long-term partner relations with our customers.

Transport tariffs

In the Republic of Croatia we use the so-called Entry-Exit model for the transport system that is used in most EU countries. This transport system model entails the reservation, nomination of use and the calculation of the costs of using the system at entry points to the transport system, as well as at exit points from the system to the end users and other linked systems. You can find more about the transport system in the Republic of Croatia on the web-pages of the Plinacro Company.

In order to guarantee a high level of quality, reliability and safety, PPD provides its customers with professional consulting, planning and all other forms of support in the use of the transport system, and especially with respect to the assignment of transport capacity.


Every buyer is obliged to provide prenominations for natural gas for each working day. A prenomination represents a form of order for natural gas for the following day or days. Each buyer is obliged to deliver his prenomination for each of the exits from the transport system and for each hour of the day no later than the agreed time for the following day or days. Upon sending the prenomination, the customer gains the right to the nominated quantity of natural gas in the event that it is within the framework of the already reserved transport capacity, and PPD is under the obligation to ensure that quantity of natural gas to the buyer. The buyer places his prenomination via computer, using the interface on the PPD portal or via email, sending an official prenomination form.

Transport capacities

In dealing with natural gas and transport it is essential to take into account transport capacities. Transport capacities represent the physical limitations of the media through which natural gas is moved. In Croatia, this medium is the transport system made up of a line of underground and surface pipelines. For the sake of safety, reliability and quality in the supply of natural gas, it is essential to reserve transport capacities for each day, month or year.

Transport capacities are charged to customers in line with the current transport pricelist and the methodology of calculating natural gas transport costs adopted by the Operator of the transport system in the Republic of Croatia. In the event that there is a deviation from the reserved transport capacities, the buyer is placed in the unfavourable position of having to pay penalties in line with the deviation.

Cost calculation

The calculation of the cost of natural gas transport is made in several segments, and this is defined by the regulatory body, namely the Operator of the transport system in the Republic of Croatia.The cost is primarily made up of fees for the entry of natural gas into the transport system, for exiting the transport system, as well as for the reserved capacity, and finally on the basis of the actual received amount of natural gas. Naturally, the calculation also includes the price of natural gas as an energy source that PPD offers its clients.

Balance group

PPD is registered with the Croatian Energy Market Operator (HROTE) as the balance group leader.

The Register of direct members of the PPD balance group. In line with Article 8, Paragraph 11 of the Rules concerning the organisation of the natural gas market, PPD publishes the register of direct members of the balance group:

  1. BROD - PLIN d.o.o. Trg pobjede 5, 35000 Slavonski Brod
  2. ENERGY COMMODITIES TRADING LIMITED 53, Office 2, Sir Adrian Dingli Street, Sliema SLM 1902, Malta
  3. ERDAL TRADING LTD 53, Office 2, Sir Adrian Dingli Street, Silema SLM 1092, Malta
  4. GRADSKA PLINARA KRAPINA d.o.o. Frana Galovića 7 B/II, 49000 Krapina
  5. GRADSKA PLINARA ZAGREB-OPSKRBA d.o.o. Radnička cesta 1, 10000 Zagreb
  6. HEP-PLIN d.o.o. Cara Hadrijana 7, 31000 Osijek
  7. IVAPLIN d.o.o. Ulica Krešimira IV 10, 10310 Ivanić-Grad
  8. KOMUNALAC d.o.o. Ulica križnog puta 18, 34550 Pakrac
  9. MOSLAVINA PLIN d.o.o. Trg kralja Tomislava 6, 44320 Kutina
  10. PLIN-PROJEKT d.o.o. Alojzija Stepinca 36, 35400 Nova Gradiška
  11. PLIN VRBOVEC d.o.o. Kolodvorska 29, 10340 Vrbovec
  12. PPD energija, trgovanje z energijo d.o.o. Pot za Brdom 104, 1000 Ljubljana, Republika Slovenija
  13. PPD Hungária Energiakereskedő KFT Montevideo utca 2/C, 1037 Budimpešta, Mađarska
  14. PRVO PLINARSKO DRUŠTVO d.o.o. Gospodarska zona 13, 32000 Vukovar
  15. ZELINSKE KOMUNALIJE d.o.o. Katarine Krizmanić 1, 10380 Sv. Ivan Zelina