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About us

About us

Who we are

PPD Italia Srl, headquartered in Milan, is a member of PPD Group, an European energy trader and wholesaler. PPD companies operating in Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, the Netherlands are owned by PPD Global, headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland.

Together with its expertise in logistics, financing and risk management, PPD has direct access to the largest wholesale energy markets with bilateral trade, exchange markets and broker platforms, in order to securephysical supplies and financial services for the Group and its customers.

With our long-standing experience in managing the procurement of natural gas and optimizing pipeline and storage capacities, we are able to provide our customers with -structured tailor-made products.

We operate in the main european energy markets and exchanges such as Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, and the rest of the CEE region.

PPD conducts business in European natural gas markets thanks to a professional and experienced team based in Lugano (Switzerland), and subsidiaries in Budapest (Hungary), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Milan (Italy), and Ljubljana (Slovenia)

PPD has increased its trade volumes year after year, in accordance with our strategic investments and in view of our goal of providing high quality, flexible and reliable service to its business partners.

What we do

PPD Italia Srl is focused on SME and industrial clients, providing reliable natural gas supply together with ad hoc financial solutions and a consulting approach, supporting the customers by helping them to take the right decisions. This is possible because we own required facilities, and we have a network of strong partners in energy and financial sector.

Based on your needs and your portfolio, we provide innovative, tailored solutions for our customers’ needs. In the everyday business we strongly believe in our values- to be fast and efficient, build strong and trustworthy relations with our clients, and make sure that we implement the highest standards of quality and innovative solutions in everything we do.